award-very-inspirational-bloggerI know that I have received this award before but for me I never tire of receiving awards and they never lose their value as I always try to remember that they are given out of respect and/or affection.

And that is so very appreciated by me.

This time the award was given to me by dear Ellen over at Moonside and the respect that I have for her and for her writing simply adds to the value of the award for me. 🙂

Accordingly the rules are as follows:-

1. Display the Award Certificate on your website (okay I done didded that)
2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award (okay done didded that also)
3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers ( hm see note below*.)
4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post (done didded that [subject to the note below])
5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself. (okay I can cope with that)

*So having complied with rules 1 and 2 I need to explain why I am not technically complying with rule 3.  I have received this award before and on those occasions I have awarded the award to folk so to re-award them – or to award to yet another 15 bloggers would detract from the award in my opinion.  So below (having already awarded folk with this award you will find the few blogs that I have recently become aware of and that I do sincerely want to award this award to.

Dissociative Monologues

My Dualities’ Blog

Redheadcase’s Blog


And now for 7 (probably not so) interesting things about me…

writer1. Generally speaking, my manic episodes do not present themselves in physical ways (excess cleaning, reckless shopping, hyperactivity etc) but more in mental ways.  Racing thoughts, weird and wonderful journeys of complex thought patterns and processes going off on the most amazing tangents.  The only physical signs of this (apart from an inability to focus on one conversation and the tendency to zone out into my own thoughts) would be countless notes and writings and the fact that very often (when in this state) I will write the end of a paragraph or the beginning of the next paragraph in the middle of the paragraph that I am trying to write. (If that makes any sense)

DSC_00252. When I am alone I have a tendency to watch three or four television programs at once by flicking through them. I find that I can keep up with the story lines of each of them and often get bored just watching one at a time. Although I must admit that my ability to do so seems to have lessened as I have gotten older.

Thankfully I am not so bad as to have numerous Tv’s in one room.

catconspiracy3. Conspiracy theories – bore me to tears.  They are nearly always based on the merest and thinnest strands of evidence and false and often badly manipulated premises.

4.  Whilst I am not anti  competition I find competitive activities within small groups and especially families are off putting to me as my experience of them is that they nearly always end up in upset and disappointment for folk.

upside-down-book-shelf5.  I can read books and writing that is upside down just as easily as I can read them when they are right way up.  Unfortunately I can’t do so when I am upside down as I get too preoccupied thinking, “this much weight should never be balanced on such a small head” 🙂

lefthanded6.  I am left-handed.  When at school they tried to get me to change to being right-handed but I refused and continued writing left-handed.

See how much of an awkward beggar I am and how stubborn I can be when I set my mind to it?

Hey they are my hands, surely I get to choose which one I want to use!

7.  One of the saddest statements that I ever hear is when someone doesn’t have a relationship with God or Christ because they have been hurt by relationships with other believers.


So there you have it, my not so interesting interesting facts.

Again I am so very grateful to Ellen for her having awarded this award to me and I hope that those few I have nominated will understand that this is awarded to them out of respect for what they do.

Kind Regards and God bless you.