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nuns jeep2 Nuns were driving down a fairly narrow jungle track in their jeep.  They were working as missionaries in a jungle childcare facility and had taken the small child, now sat in a booster seat in the back of the jeep, to the local doctor and were on their way back.

Suddenly the jeep spluttered to a stop and the nun’s suddenly realized that they were out of fuel.  “I noticed a place about half a mile back where we could get some fuel.”  One nun told the other.

“Yes so did I Sister,” the other nun agreed, “but this jeep is too heavy for us to push and we have nothing to put any fuel in.”  she observed.

Looking around the jeep all the nuns could find by way of containers was the child’s potty laying on the back floor of the jeep.

potty1“Well it isn’t much.” One nun observed.  “But perhaps one of us could walk back and get some fuel in this and God willing, if we are very careful, that will be enough to get the jeep started and get us back to the fuel station where we could then fill up.”

So that is what they determined to do and as one of the nuns remained behind to care for the small child and pray, the other nun set off.

After what seemed quite some time the remaining nun caught site of the other nun gingerly walking back trying not to spill any of the precious fuel out of the make-shift potty container.

Once the nun had reached the jeep the other nun opened up the fuel cap and as one nun carefully tried to pour the potty’s contents into the fuel tank the other nun prayed fervently.

Just then a local villager walked past herding his flock.  As he approached the two nuns he could hardly believe his eyes.  After all it isn’t everyday you see a nun pouring the contents of a potty into a fuel tank as another nun stands over her praying.

“I have to tell you Sisters,”  the villager told the two nuns as he stopped opposite them, “I am not a religious man myself, but I have to admire your faith!” LOL

To be honest I am not really sure what brought the humorous story to my mind this morning.  I think it was something that I said in response to one of the comments made on my post from yesterday.  But it is kind of humorous isn’t it?

And of course there are several points and several truths that can be drawn from the story also…

Sometimes we do run out of gas/fuel don’t we?  Mentally this can happen at the worst of times.  Times when we really need to keep going but just don’t seem to be able to or to have the means to.

Such times call for us to work together and to use whatever resources are available to us.  Of course sometimes we don’t feel we have anyone to help us or any resources available.

It’s at times like these when we really have to improvise.  To look beyond the usual and to find ways of coping. Potty into make-shift fuel can for example.

It is also at times like these when we have to review our objectives, perhaps take a step back or two.  The nuns in our story had getting themselves and the child back to their childcare facility as their objective.  But they had to take their eyes off of that and look back a little bit before they could go on.

Don’t we have to do that sometimes, especially when we are struggling through a bout of particularly poor mental health?

And what about the faith aspect of that story?

After all the one nun had to walk half a mile with an open top potty trying not to spill the fuel and then carefully try to pour it out of the same potty (with no lip) into a small hole in the hope she would get enough in there in order to be able to start the jeep and get back to the fuel station.

Don’t we often face situations where the odds against us seem just a poor? Situations where the only thing we have going for us is our own determination and (much like that one nun with the other prayer for and over her) the prayers of others?

I have to be honest with you and admit that I can so very much relate to that story at the moment.  I am so empty when it comes to mental and physical and emotional and even spiritual gas/fuel at the moment and the only thing ‘potty’ around here seems to be what I am becoming.

And yet I do have faith and I do have prayer and thankfully prayer support, and whilst this might not be understandable to some it is so very important – absolutely essential – to me.  And most importantly I know that with God’s help, through my own determination and with prayer and prayer support I will come through this.

As I said, there are several truths that we could draw out of that little story and I know I have only drawn out a couple of them.  But I did want to thank those who are praying for me at this time and I did want to let you know how very important they are to me.

And more importantly, I am so very mindful that so many folk seem to be struggling at the moment. I want to share that there is still hope and that if I can help in any way, perhaps by praying for you, please do just let me know.