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Well yesterday I determined to combat the scattiness of my brain at the moment and get some things achieved regardless.

ToDoI prayed, chilled and wrote a to do list and then got on with it.

To be honest I had hoped, well a small part of me had hoped, that by doing so my brain would support me in this effort and kick start into gear.

Well that isn’t quite what happened although I still managed to complete some of the things that were on my to do list. 🙂

On writing my list I knew that I would not get it all completed in one day and had provided for the possibility that some of the things that I wanted to achieve I would have to do today and even tomorrow if needs be.

What was one of the attitudes I determined to have when writing my to do list?  Oh yes, “Be kind to yourself – Don’t create too many expectations and allow for and tolerate any mistakes.

I am so glad that I decided to do that as I really didn’t get as much completed as I had hoped.  But then life, as I mentioned yesterday, does sometimes throw a curve ball our way and a couple of people needed my help and that reduced the time I had to do the things I had planned to do.  And additionally I had not considered or remembered the fact that I am only just getting over my latest bout of illness and so am still not totally fit.

The good news is not only have I been able to achieve some of the things I wanted to do but I also have a good idea of what I want to achieve today also.

So my to do list is now revised and updated and I am all set to carry on from yesterday 🙂