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Now that I appear to finally be getting over the flu I am playing catch up again and so would like to apologize for not being very active with the old blog posting and commenting thing of late.

I assure you this was unavoidable and not out of lack of commitment or desire. 🙂  I really do value all your comments and blogs and whilst I have tried to visit many of them since my last bout of illness began, commenting has not always been possible.  So apologies for that 🙂

And in the spirit of playing ‘catch up’ one of the first items on my agenda is to say a huge thank you to dear Ellen from over at ‘Moonside‘ for nominating this blog for a “Best In show” award in the ‘2012 WEGO Health Activist Awards’.

WEGO Health is, as their site states….

a different kind of social network, built from the ground up for the community leaders, bloggers and tweeters who are actively involved in health online. WEGO Health is a platform for committed health advocates to foster new relationships, gain access to helpful resources, and to grow their communities.

The Health Activists Awards are given to recognize the work and commitment of those who are actively involved in health online and to be nominated is a very great honor and one that I very much appreciate.

But more importantly, as a Mental Health blogger the very fact that this blog and thus Mental Health and Mental Health Awareness should be represented within these awards means even more to me.

So I am so very grateful for this nomination and the fact that we are all, as mental health bloggers, therefore represented within these awards.

MY understanding is that the nominations period is now over and that judging has now begun and I shall do my best to let you know the outcome.  For my own part, even the fact that, as I say, we are all as mental health and mental health awareness bloggers and activists, represented already means so very much.