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Well it is day 12 of the Try Looking At It through My Eyes Challenge and it is the final challenge.


And today’s challenge reads…

Day Twelve – “The Roundup” – Spend a little time looking back over all of your responses in this challenge and write a short roundup of how you tackled them, how they made you feel, and whether or not you think/feel you enjoyed or benefited from them.

When I designed this challenge I wanted for it to be something which was not only short, but also fun whilst at the same time presenting an opportunity for light personal reflection and possibly some personal growth.

So in assessing the challenge – doing the “round up” I think it is only fair that I consider whether or not this has been possible or even whether or not is has been achieved.

So here goes…

How I have tackled them…

In all honesty I have tried to tackle them how I try to tackle all things on this blog – head on and with integrity and honesty and candor.

And looking back I think I certainly have achieved that.  In some of the challenges, I have simply shared light-hearted insights (“Questions for Heaven”, “The Miracle Button”, “The Trade Off” and “The Support Group”), whilst in others I have invited your insights (My Eyes) and am grateful for those shared with me.  In yet others (“She or He”, “Close Friend”, “Letter to Younger self”, “Time Machine”, “The forgiving”) I have delved even deeper and been brutally open and honest.

How they made me feel…

Here again I have experienced mixed emotions.  The light hearted ones brought me joy or amusement whilst the deeper ones challenged me and even brought me to a deeper level of understanding.

Some I was able to do easily whilst others took much more soul searching and even filled me with a certain amount of apprehension.  And yet I have to honestly say that I do not regret any of them really.

Have I enjoyed or benefited from them…

Well here again it depended on which ones.

In respect of those I enjoyed it would have to be “The Miracle Button”, “The Day Out” and “Questions for heaven”, the others took a different route in the writing although I did without doubt have a sense of achievement, which was enjoyable,  once I had done them.

In respect of which ones I feel that I benefited from, I have to be honest and admit that actually I am surprised by saying I think I have actually benefited from all of them.

Some, without doubt, took much more than others and some I am still, days later, thinking about even though I have already finished and published them.

Am I glad that I have done this challenge, heck am I glad that I designed this challenge?  Yes absolutely and it is in my opinion just as it is with so many things in life – the more you put into it the more you get out of it.

So yes that is how I feel about the challenge and indeed that is my answer to this the last of the 12 challenges – the roundup.  And yet there is something else that  I need to say here…

One of the greatest benefits and enjoyments that I have realized through this challenge has been through the comments shared in respect of my own answers but also the answers given and the comments made in regard to them by others doing this challenge.

Some have already finished this challenge and I really enjoyed reading your answers and their subsequent comments and some are still doing it and likewise I am enjoying reading your answers and subsequent comments.  But whatever stage you are at with it – finished, part way through, or yet to commence – I want to thank you for being you and for sharing you!