brilliantMy Kiwi blogging buddy, Cate from over at Infinite Sadness or… hope! has so very kindly awarded me The Brilliant Blog Award.  You can check out her blog an the nomination here.

I have to tell you that each and every award that this blog receives touches me greatly.

One of the main reasons for my writing this blog is to make a difference in the way in which folk like us who face challenges with our mental health are viewed and so when this blog receives such an award it really does encourage me.

So here are “Da Rules”

Da Rules

Write an acceptance speech, linking back to the person who gave it to you. (See immediately below these rules) √
Write 7 things you believe in. √ (See below)
Give the award to as many brilliant blogs as you would like to share the love. √ (See my statement below)

Acceptance Speech…

[Walks to podium curtseys gracefully and then removes a folded piece of paper from the inside pocket of his bright green tuxedo.  Unfolding the paper he coughs slightly to clear his throat and waits for the rapturous applause to die down before speaking into the imaginary microphone in his mind.]

It is with great honor that I except this award not least of all because I know that it has come from you the public.  Or more accurately one member of the pubic which, given that the world population is now listed at around 7 billion people, means that it has been awarded to me by one 7 billionth of the public!  LOL.  But hey one 7 billionth is better than none and I will take it over none any day of the week 🙂

In accepting this award I would like to thank my parents and family, my children, agent, my dog, my psychosis and most importantly of all my long suffering office chair for all their ‘support’, without which this blog would not be possible. (Or at very least would require me to stand for long periods of time)

OK I admit it I was just playing with the whole “acceptance speech” thing but seriously I am as I pointed out above very honored and grateful to receive this award and on a more serious note I thank God for the inspiration that I have enjoyed in order to allow me to write this blog.  Which brings me to the subject of …

7 things I believe in…

1.  I believe in equality.  Not in a prescripted, man made and corrupted equality but in a very real and valuable and life-giving and life-freeing way.

2.  I believe in hope and that each and every one of us should have the right to that hope not only in this life but also in the next and that nothing should ever be done to remove or hinder that hope.

3.  I believe in loving and respectful freedom of expression!  That we each, regardless of; status, upbringing, color, creed, race, social, economic, physical, emotional, mental or spiritual circumstance should not only have a voice and right to speak out with love and respect but to be heard.

4.  I believe in me, in you and in us.  I believe that with the right help we can all be useful and essential members of the world community and that not one person – with the right support, guidance and love – is beyond becoming a useful and essential member of the world community.

5.  I believe that the term mental ill or the term physically ill should never be seen as an excuse to write someone off or pity or debilitate them as a person and that the phrase “disability” whilst being accurate in some respects is never an excuse for bigotry, disdain or injustice and that it doesn’t mean unable it simply means differently able. – See my “Dare To See It Differently Campaign post”  That stigma has no place within the mental health community, the physical health community or anywhere where right and fair minded, clear thinking individuals exist.

6.  I believe in love, truth, respect, integrity and family. That each ad every one of us should be considered with these in mind and that these should be the center of our dealings with each other.  That family is decided more than just by links within the blood that flows through our bodies but within the love and mutual respect that should flow through our hearts.

7.  And, most importantly, I believe in Christ and am convinced of the truth of Christ.  But I also believe in the freedom of each and every one of us to find that truth in the ways that are relevant and applicable to our individual lives and not just according to my own personal experiences or persuasion.

So there you have them my 7 beliefs.  Which just leaves my nominations.

My Nominations…

And here I would like to ask you to bear with me.  I am keen that the nominations that I make are well thought out and meaningful and so I am going to defer my decision in respect of who I am awarding this award to until a later date.

Again, and in closing, I really am so very grateful for this award and I want to again thank Cate from other at Infinite Sadness or… Hope for thinking of me and awarding this award to me. 🙂