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For any one of us who face what is commonly termed mental illness or poor mental health there is the added challenge of also having to face a whole range of potential injustices and stigmas! And sadly the same goes for some physical health conditions.

But who says it has to be that way and more importantly who says we have to sit quietly by and allow them without voicing the truth about mental health?

Mental Health is important and when it suffers, just as when physical health suffers, it presents us with additional challenges  to overcome – but with those challenges often comes great rewards.

The Dare to See It Differently Campaign is one way in which this truth can not only be remembered but in which we can also fight back against those injustices and stigmas that I mentioned above.

So why not get involved?


Let’s get the truth out there and let’s do it with pride and in a way that says, “Yes I may have a physical or Mental Health condition, but that doesn’t necessarily make me disabled it just makes me differently abled!

If you or someone you love faces physical or mental health challenges why not copy and paste the relevant logo onto your blog or site and with it write why you consider yourself not to be disabled but instead to be differently abled!


Many of us have faced many adversities and learned that there is no shame in being disabled, only shame in the way it is viewed by some others.

The Dare to See It Differently Campaign is not about being ashamed of being disabled it’s about addressing the shameful way some people view us and about stating that we do have a value and are still able in many ways!

Together we can make a difference!

And if you do so why not comment below or let us know on the Mental Health Writers Guild so that we can all show our support also?

(Post also published on The Mental Health Writers Guild blog. Permission to use these logos is automatically given to anyone willing to join in the “Dare To See It Differently Campaign!”)