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Day Nine – “Questions for Heaven”  What questions relating to your mental health would you ask God and why?

It’s an interesting question, or at least I think it is.  Of course it really depends on the relationship that you have with God and indeed how you see that relationship.

For some, and I truly respect this approach, to ask God anything would seem disrespectful or to not be trusting of him.  But I don’t see God in the same way and my understanding and relationship with God is that we can ask Him anything whatsoever as long as we do so respectfully and sincerely and that in the process we accept that He i after all our God and our loving heavenly Father and if He chooses not to answer we should accept that.

Some folk, would understandably feel that there are few questions worth asking concerning their mental health and that if God wished to remove it He would and since He hasn’t then He must have a purpose in our having it.

And that would I think be the focus of one of my questions for God when I reach heaven.  “Not whether or not God did have a purpose in not removing my mental illnesses, but If God did have a purpose in not removing them did I do all that He wanted of me in fulfilling that purpose?”

See I don’t buy into the whole prosperity teaching of God simply giving us what we ask for in His name.  I find no evidence of it in scripture and indeed I find the very opposite of it.

Additionally I find that there is a key phrase in the statement “God will give me what ever I ask for in His name” which is dangerously misunderstood and that is the “in His name” part.

God’s will is, in my understanding, experience and opinion, sovereign.  Within that will He had granted us free will to obey it or not, to choose Him or not, but that doesn’t reduce or limit His will it simply confirms it.

To ask “in His name” means to ask something that Christ himself would want for us to have.  And Christ’s primary desire is to do the will of God.  So asking in Christ’s name is to ask within the will of God NOT within the will of man.

It is not therefore a  ‘blank check/cheque’ that gets us whatever we desire. Because unless Christ desires for us to have something, we cannot truly ask for it in His name.

I am convinced of this and thus I am convinced that if God has a purpose in my having mental health issues, I have neither the right nor the arrogance nor the intention of asking God for anything that goes against his will.

Have I and others prayed for healing in respect of my mental health and do I believe that God can remove my mental health issues from me?  Yes of course.  But only where it is or becomes His will and I would no more ask for something outside of his will than I would ask for me to be placed outside of His love.

So what would be my questions for heaven in respect of my mental health?

“Father did I do all that I could do to fulfill your purpose in my life, even in my mental illness and did I love those you would have me love both despite it and within it?”