Ah yes, sleeplessness and chest pains, what familiar bed fellows you have become!


Well it is five in the morning and once again I have been up for an hour or so.
On the plus side, it does afford me time to pray and to do some more bible study and to work on editing another book. 🙂

On the downside I know how this is going to affect the rest of my day and that isn’t so positive 😦

The chest pains become worse during Bible Study yesterday evening and by the end of the evening I was feeling particularly unwell.  But thankfully others noticed and an aspirin, a quick burst of my heart spray and more importantly some very much appreciated prayer and the color started returning to me and I felt a little better.

Coming home, Willie – one of my friends and brothers in Christ stopped the night and is as far as I know thankfully now sleeping and I am grateful not to have to had to be alone last night.

I am also very thankful for the prayers that were shared last night at Bible Study as I am convinced that they have helped.

I do, I must admit, find the inability to sleep and the fact that I still have the chest pains (albeit a little reduced), such a tedious thing sometimes.  But I figure we have two choices in these things, moan and groan about it or thank the Lord that they are not worse and get through them as best as possible.

And so that (the latter of the two) is the option that I am taking this morning!  I am going to be sensible in how much I do whilst at the same time using the time productively.

Bible Study yesterday evening was great and stimulated a lot of thoughts that I want to explore, so what better time to do so.  The world around me is sleeping, the house is still and I can be alone with the Father.  Bonus!