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TTLAITMECDay Two in the challenge and this challenge is called “My Eyes” and here is how it works.

Day Two – “My Eyes” – Take and publish a photo of your eyes (or if you prefer simply look in the mirror). Using no less that 50 words imagine those eyes belonged to a stranger and you are looking into them for the first time. What do those eyes alone say to you about the person whose eyes they are?

Well seeing as I am in the middle of a bout of flu it is probably not the best time to be taking pictures of my eyes but since I have committed to this challenge here you go…


So “what do those eyes alone say to me about the person whose eyes they are?

Well firstly they tell me the person is ill.  the puffy bags under the eyes, the darkness under those bags.

Of course it is always difficult to remove the knowledge that you have of yourself from the whole equation.  And in truth my eyes have for a long time been a source of concern to me in respect of them demonstrating how ill I am.  I think I developed a complex about it when someone mentioned it some time ago.

Not so much as I have ever done anything about it you understand.  I am, by chance, familiar with such home remedies as Aloe, Cucumber, old Tea-bags or hemorrhoid cream to remove or reduce such bags.  (Helpful friends with helpful well-meaning advice)

But what about the lines in those bags however and the seeming cloudiness of the eyes?  Do they speak of age or of experience or of both?

For my own part I see no pain although I know the pain that lies behind them, but likewise I see no joy although equally I know the joy that lies behind them.

No for me they are eyes that invite.  Eyes that invite questions, reflections.

But I wonder.  What do you see in those eyes?