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‘The Editing ‘Flu’ by.’  Catchy huh?  Well trust me the ‘Flu’ is by no means and typo.

It is now 7.40 am and I have been up half the night as a result of not being able to sleep due to my coughing and spluttering with this darned flu.

The good news however, and yes there normally is a good side to most things, is that I have not wasted the time.

Instead I have just this minute uploaded “Through The Eyes of Smudge” – the third book in the Whispering Winds Series – to the publishers and it should be ‘out there’ and available real soon.

Book3 Coverbdr

Feedback on the first two books have already been very positive and I am hopeful that this third one will prove just as popular!

Who knows?  But my prayer is that they will help folk when it comes to faith.

As for me and my flu, well I am going to see if it and I can come to some sort of arrangement and it will let me sleep a little.