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Its 4.30am and I have been up for an hour or so now.  This flu is kicking my butt in a big way! (But then it is a big Butt) and I cannot breathe properly so cannot sleep properly either.  So I figured I might as well get up and carry on with the edit of my books and write the answer to Day 28 in my 30 Day Challenge.

Today’s subject is… (drum roll)… “Somewhere you’d like to move to or visit

Ooohhhhh Can I say “heaven”, can I, can I, can I?

No?  Why?  Too predictable?

OK so ruling out heaven as my first choice I think the answer would have to be the States and Canada.  (It’s fair to include them both, in my eyes, as they would both be part of the same trip 🙂 )


Regular readers and followers of this blog will know that I have a very large unofficially adopted family.  Most of whom live in either the States – PA to be precise or in Canada.

canada-flag-stereotypesFor reasons of health I have ever been able to go over and visit them and whilst I have been blessed enough to meet one or two of them as a result of their flying over to visit with me, I would so love to be able to fly over and visit them.

To be a dad (and granddad) is an incredible blessing but also and incredible responsibility, being a long-distance Dad and granddad has both benefits and drawbacks.  (No dirty nappies / diapers to deal with but no real hugs either. To name but two.)

So yes I would love to be able to go to America and Canada and visit my kids and grand kids and to be able to hold them and to look into their eyes and have them look into mine and to know that in my heart regardless of the miles normally between us, they are my children and grandchildren and always will be as my love will always be theirs.