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30DayChallenge25Something you’re currently worrying about.” is the subject that is being set for today (day 25) in my 30 Day Challenge.

And it isn’t going to be an easy one for me as I really don’t think I am particularly worried about anything.

Finances are of course a concern for most of us aren’t they?  And certainly I am not excluded from this.

One particularly distasteful aspect of the recession is that governments are trying to axe a lot of their expenditures and as is often the way the vulnerable – the unemployed, the elderly, the disabled – are the ones who seem to be being targeted by the government in the UK.

In my own particular circumstance this has meant that the lion’s share of my income is messed up or under review and this of course has brought a great deal of uncertainty and I don;t think I am exaggerating when I say that I am possibly struggling more than I have for many years.

But is this something that I am truly worried about?  Probably not.  I am concerned about it naturally but I have a faith and I have never yet been let down by God.

To be worried or concerned is human nature and only natural, to lay those worries and concerns aside and trust in the provision of a heavenly Father who loves us, is to touch the supernatural.