30DayChallenge24Day 24 on my 30 Day Challenge and this one is just a pure bit of fun – especially to someone like me who has a passion for words…

“Five words/phrases that make you laugh.”

So here goes.  A simple and hopefully a short  post with five words/phrases that make me laugh…

Coming in at Number 5.  “Hippopotamus” or more specifically “Hitamopopalus”

Many years ago one of the small children of a friend of mine could not pronounce the word “Hippopotamus” and would pronounce it “Hitamopopalus”  Both words have amused me ever since. 🙂

Coming in at number 4. “Confuzzibubbled.”  A quirky bit of jibberish affectionately used in the place of “confused”.

Coming in at number 3. “Oojamaflip whatnot.” Is an expression that used to really irritate me.  My father used it when fixing things and would say to me “pass me the “Oojamaflip whatnot”.  Honestly!  He actually expected me to know what he meant by that

Coming in at number 2. “Calamistrate” meaning ‘to curl or friz, as the hair‘.  Sorry ladies it just appeals to me as I know how much drama and “calamity” can be caused by a woman’s hair frizzing up in the rain. 🙂  (Runs and hides for cover)

Coming in at number 1. “Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia” another one from the Hm. Funny Word Series that I occasionally run.  It amuses me greatly because it is the name given to…..

“A fear of long words!”  LOL – Don’t believe me?  Well just look it up.

So there you have it 5 words of phrases that amuse me or that make me laugh.