It’s an idiom, a saying, that has been said to me more than once before now.  And with justification, for when I set my mind on a task I like to see it through to completion and often won’t let go of it.

As some of you know I recently relented and agreed to publish my books and in fact published the first two books in the Whispering Winds series.

But of course when your mind doesn’t always work well you can make mistakes and so instead of uploading the proof read files and deleting the old files I uploaded the old files and deleted the proof read ones.

So having tried and failed to recover the correct files I am having to re-proof read and correct the old files so that I can then upload them.  This is of course on top of designing covers and proof-reading the other books that are still to be published.

So yes I am “like a dog with a bone” at the moment and have been working on them all day today – actually since 5 this morning and it is now 10 in the evening.

But I am really pleased with the covers!  I have decided to follow the same theme throughout and to just change the text and central graphics.  Since they are a series/set, I figure they should look like a set….

Book1 CoverbdrBook2 CoverbdrBook3 Coverbdr

Thankfully however a good friend reminded me that I needed be patient and remove self-imposed timelines.  So that is what I am doing.

So I just packed up working on the books for the night and just this minute have heard that I can make it to church tomorrow morning and I am so delighted to hear that.

Interestingly, having packed up working on the books, I have realized just how tired I really am and how much my body is aching as a result from being at my desk in my study for so long.  So it was sage advice indeed.

I shall work on the books again on Monday if I am up to it.  And after all, no one is really pushing me to get this done but myself.  And sometimes we are our own worst enemy when it comes to being sensible and looking after ourselves.

And who knows perhaps I will soon experience a mild manic phase and get loads done 🙂