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30DayChallenge23Something that you miss

That’s the question/topic for today’s (Day 23) challenge in my 30 Day Challenge.

And I have to admit this one has me really thinking.

It’s funny really, funny peculiar not funny ha ha, how sometimes questions can tackle you from out of no-where and seem to affect you more than you would think.

Part of the difficulty that I am having is which one thing to choose?

Being in ministry would be up there on the list.


As strange as it may sound, I was in Christian ministry even before I became a Christian and pretty much ever since. DadSings1

That is up until about 18 months ago when I left my other church and yes I do miss it to a large extent and yet being faithful to the call on your life is such an important thing.

It would be the top of my list were it not for the fact that thankfully I am still able to serve God in some ways.

AisleShotBeing married would have to feature highly on the list also.  Which (I must admit) surprises me somewhat.  I have often written on here how I just don’t experience certain emotions and how one of those emotions is loneliness.

I fully recognize the wisdom of such scripture as 2 Genesis 18…

18 And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. (KJV)

And of course of Proverbs 18:22…

22 Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord. (KJV)

My marriage, as you know, ended.  And whilst I can easily intellectualize and logic my mind around it all, there is no doubt that the company, comfort and counsel that a partner provides is something amazingly special and something that I do miss.

Almost top of the list would have to be ‘my eyesight’.  I am quite “arty” and love painting…

Fawn Watercol1

I love sketching….



I love doing pen and ink drawings…kiwibackgroundPic18Squirrells-FrankBut nowadays painting, sketching and drawing like this is just not possible thanks to my really poor eyesight.  And I really do miss that.

But I am due to get my eyes tested in the next few weeks and so hopefully that will help things in this regard and I can get back to my art.

So even as much as I miss it, no that is not the top of my list.  No the top of my list and the one thing that I would choose in answer to “Something that you miss?” has to be “clarity of thought and sharpness of mind”.

To be able to think clearly and quickly is a wonderful thing and I truly miss that.  I miss being able to quote scripture and also know where it came from.

I miss being able to help folk reason their way out of difficulties.

LOL I miss going into a room or a shop/store and actually knowing what I went in there for.

I regret now doing such things as forgetting to take my meds.  Having to take ages to write blog posts which used to take a third of the time.  Uploading book files and deleting old book files only to find that you have uploaded the wrong one and deleted the ones you should have uploaded, so have to proof read them all over again.

Yes the one thing that would be tops when it comes to things that I miss would be ‘clarity of thought and sharpness of mind.’

But you know what? even in this I am thankful for the times when my thoughts are clear and my mind is sharp.  Because the truth is that there are plenty of folk out there for whom that clarity of thought and sharpness of mind has gone permanently.

So miss it I might but I appreciate that I still have it sometimes even more I do.  I thank God for what I have left and I praise Him for all the help I get and the things I am still able to do regardless of it, 🙂