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30DayChallenge22Your Academics?” that is the simple subject of today’s (Day 22’s) my 30 Day Challenge.

Which, given my difficulties with my memory serves to provide me with a slight problem.

I was raised and educated under the English education and examination system that was in place at the time and one that, if I remember correctly – which there is of course no guarantee I am – changed the year after I left school.

But how it worked, back then, in respect of state education was this…

Between the ages of 5 and 6 you undertook what was called ‘Primary Education’ and attended a ‘primary’ (or ‘infant’) school.  With which one being based purely on where you lived.  Mine (‘Reginald Road Infant School’) being no more than 8 minutes or so away from my home.

At age 7 you moved up into ‘Secondary Education’ which was in two parts.  The first part being ‘Junior school’ – again with which one was based purely on  where you lived.  Again mine (‘Reginald Road Junior School’) was no more that 8 minutes away from my home and actually (as you no doubt guessed from the name) was the one directly opposite my infant school.

Around 10 or 11 you took an examination which was called the 11+ and this determined which senior school you would attend at (Yes you guessed it) aged 11+.


pgs_crestI passed with flying colors and was offered a place at the top school in the area.  ‘The City of Portsmouth Grammar School’.  But, much to the annoyance of my father, I refused to attend.

My older brother was attending the Technical High school and I wanted to do the same.

Grammar schools has a particular focus on academics whilst Technical schools focused on academics but with a leaning more towards technical skills such as woodwork, metal work, design and the such. (Or at least that was my understanding.”

logoschoolcityboysMy reasoning for wanting to attend the Technical school however being that attending the same school as my older brother would no doubt provide me with some added protection from bullies and more importantly, most importantly, at the Grammar school you had to wear short trousers for the first 2 years whilst at the Tech you did not. LOL

A year after I started at the Tech the school changed and the “Comprehensive System” was introduced and so whilst I didn’t physically move schools I did change schools from the Tech to the Comprehensive.   Hm. Perhaps I should have gone to the Grammar after all.  LOL

Around the age of 16 you took further examinations with which you would either – leave to go find employment, or continue into “Higher Education”

These examinations were called ‘O levels‘ or ‘CSE‘s’  (“O level” standing for”Ordinary level” and “CSE”  standing for “Certificate of Secondary Education“.)

I think I got about 7 or 8 ‘O Levels‘ and it had been decided I was to stay on and go into Higher or Advanced education in order to take ‘A Levels‘  or ‘GCE’s‘ with a view to attending college or university.

However, to provide me some finances whilst at school I took a job at the Tesco’s Stores in town as a part time bakery hand, but after 2 hours there was offered a Full-time Trainee Manager’s position and since my relationship with my father had already started breaking down took the job in order to finance my leaving home and thus my education and relationship with academics ended prematurely.

The rest, as they say, is history – and yes one of the ‘O Levels‘ that I have was in History 🙂