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The following post is one I have written and posted on my sister site “Christian Concern For Mental Health“, but I also wanted to share it here.


If… I reveal to you my weakness, will you lend me some of your strength?

If… I show to you the scars of my past, will you tend them and cleanse them and share those you also bear?

If… I admit to you that I am lost, will you take me by the hand and help me find my way?

If… I waver in uncertainty, will you help me find my direction?

If… I release my tears to you, will you meet them with your own?

If… I uncover my failings, will you cover them in understanding?

If… I fail to be the person I should be, will you respect me back to who I was?

If… I stand before you naked in my vulnerabilities, will you clothe me in the security of your love?

What if…

What if… I was was blind?

What if… I was poor?

What if… I was suffering from a contagious illness?

What if… I was crippled?

What if… I was foreign?

What if… I was suffering from poor mental health or a mental illness?

What if… I was a child?

What if… I was a child – a child of God?