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OK so today’s subject/question in my my 30 Day Challenge should be interesting.

The question/subject
for today is…

“A problem that you have had.”

Well I can tell you a problem that I have right now if that helps?
Choosing a (just one) problem that I have had!  LOL.

Now I am not sure if it is my Aspergers or my literal mind but I really struggle with questions like this.  Do they mean any old problem or are they asking for me to share a “big” problem or “continuous” problem that I have had?

And actually my response – the problem I have right now is choosing just one problem is a relevant and truthful response to both of those.

The truth is that I personally believe we all have problems in live and despite some of the popular teaching being a Christian certainly hasn’t removed  me from having problems, it has just afforded me a hole new way of looking at them.

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I don’t think I have met one person in life so far who hasn’t had problems at some point in their life.

In truth if most of us took time to list all of the problems no matter how big or small) we have had so far in life we would go insane trying to create that list.  But then why would anyone want to focus just on the problems.  And indeed what constitutes a problem?

For me I am not fully into this “there are no such thing as a problem in life, just challenges” philosophy as I think it plays down and is insensitive to the very real and hard struggles that many of us do face.

By the same token I am not into the pessimistic, woe is me, Eeyore kind of mindset either.

In truth I have mental health and physical health issues and no amount of positive thinking, or in Christian terms “name it and claim it”, “don’t accept that you have it and you won’t have it” approach will remove the fact that I do have them and I for one and certainly not going to lie to myself, others or to my God and claim I don’t have something when I do.

Do I believe I am healed of my illnesses?  Yes the bible clearly says I am, but has that healing been manifested yet?  No and it is not my will which says when it will be it is God’s.

That is where faith comes in isn’t it?

So were I, for the purpose of this exercise, to choose “a (just one) problem I had,” (and still have) it would be my struggle with suicidal ideation and lack of self-worth.

But here’s the deal….

If Christ thinks I am worth dying for, then I believe He (and thus I) am worth living for.

Do I have a really poor self image and a tendency towards suicidal thoughts?

Yes absolutely I do, but I fight them and I fight them continually!

Because He and thus I, thus you, thus we ARE, because of Him, worth it.