Well after years of pleading and encouraging from my kids, I have finally relented and done it.
I have gone and published one of my books.

Now just what will happen as a result of it, how popular it will be I have no idea but hey I did make the promise the other day that I would do it and I have remained true to my word.

To be honest I can hardly believe that I have finally done it and likewise I can’t believe that the book is actually available on Amazon – currently for the kindle – with paperback versions available at the CreateSpace estore and now also on Amazon in paperback

And lo and behold it is already selling.

The book “Whispering Winds” aka “The Journey Begins” is about a young Christian Native American boy, his wolf companion and their journey as the Father Creator leads them, as well as the people they meet and minister to along the way.

Actually, it is the first in a 10 book series so who knows what will happen?

To be honest I am slightly nervous about the whole thing but we will see what happens. If it is successful I might even publish the rest of the series and hey even some of the other books that I have written in the past four or five years. 🙂