Hm. Funny word it is… “Anglewitch

Obsolete it is.

Will be of interest to many ‘anglers‘ it will.

Especially our buddy “Des” it will.

Name for ‘fishing bait‘ it is.

‘Especially for ‘worms used as fishing bait‘ it is.

An ‘angle‘ in this context is a name for ‘a fishing hook‘ it is.

Hence the name “anglers” for “people who fish with rod and hook‘ me thinks.

Can’t find a reliable reference for the use of ‘witch‘ in this context I can’t.

But wonder about ‘the witches dunking stool‘ I do.

Seeing the local squire approaching in his cart, Des, a young rapscallion from the nearby village, quickly hid his things behind a tree.

“What you up to lad?”  The squire asked him as he pulled his cart to a halt.

“Off to the school sir”  Des replied.

“Honestly?”  The squire challenged, not sure he could trust the lad.

“Yes sir, of course sir,”  Des assured him.  “I am off to the school now sir”

“Hm.”  mumbled the squire before shrugging his shoulders and continuing on his way into town.

“Off to the school of fish in the squire’s pond”  Des laughed to himself.  And once the squire was out of sight Des quickly reached behind the tree and retrieved his fishing rod and tin of ‘anglewitches‘ from their hiding place.