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A simple one for today ( day 14 of my 30 Day Challenge) and today’s subject is…

“What You Wore Today.”

Well today for me was to be one of doing some light housework and some general tidying up.

Additionally I had no plans to go out today and so I didn’t really wear anything special or even neat today just basic clothes to relax in…

Joggers, t-shirt, house flip flops and that is about it really.

Because my leg being so swollen, and since I was not going out, I didn’t wear any socks and as for underwear – well a gentleman simply doesn’t discuss such things. 🙂

The only other things that I wore  today were the little wooden cross necklace my son made for me many years back as Christian Summer Camp, (which has always held a special spot in my heart) and a smile.

I wear the little wooden cross necklace as it reminds me that I am a Christian, of the the love of my son, and of the fact that Christ is now risen.

As for the smile, well the smile helps others see that despite my infirmities life is worth living and it, much like the little wooden cross necklace,  often get’s comments and this in turn often gives me the opportunity to share my faith with others when they ask about it.

So there you have it.  What I wore today 🙂