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Today’s challenge on my 30 Day Challenge is one that I simply have no interest in. 😦

The subject/question is “Five guys (or gals) whom you find attractive.

Trouble is that apart from very rarely, I just don’t look at people and think, “Man, he or he is attractive.”

Likewise I also don’t want to feed into the whole a woman’s beauty (or a man’s beauty) is cosmetic.

To be honest, I find the whole super model thing to be distasteful and harmful and personally believe a person’s attractiveness should be assessed on far more that what shape her breasts are, his butt is or how thin they are.

In truth I find, intellect, personality humor much more attractive than looks and I find a person’s heart for God and  for His creation far more attractive than anything else.

Am I human?  Yes of course and yes sometimes I do have the kind of thoughts that are aesthetically based but I try not to explore or encourage them.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I am still technically married and to explore such flights of fancy would not be right in my opinion.  So I simply don’t entertain such things.

Jack bumped into his friend Bill who, up until a few weeks back, he used to work with.

“Hey Jack, ” greeted Bill, “how’s it going?  How’s the diet coming along?”

“Hi Bill.”  Jack greeted him in return cheerily, “Yes not bad thanks.  I had a bit of set back yesterday with the old diet though, sadly.”

“Oh no.” Bill exclaimed, “What happened?”

“Oh it’s that fancy cake store up the high street.” Jack explained.  “I was in the high street, down the bottom end, buying some stamps at the post office and when I was done I remembered how good the cakes were in that store.”

“Uhuh.” Bill mumbled as he listened.

“So I walked up just to have a look at them in the window.” Jack explained.  “And when I got there I was looking in the window and the lady in the store saw me and waved, so I went in to say hello.” 

“Ok.”  Bill commented.

“Of course once inside I saw all the other  fine cakes and so just have to buy myself half a dozen.”  Jack admitted sadly.

“And you then took them home and ate them?”  Bill offered.

“Yeah.” Jack admitted sadly. “I knew my going into the store was a mistake.”

“Um, Don’t you think even walking up to the store was a mistake?”  Bill suggested?

Are there plenty of attractive women (even men) out there? Yes of course there are.  Does the thought of their attractiveness sometimes enter my head when I am out or sat watching television etc?  Yes of course it does, I am only human after all.

But I am certainly not going to go out and check them out as I know that is the first step on a downhill slope 🙂