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Day 07 of my 30 Day Challenge and I am really enjoying doing this whole series so far. I only hope you are all enjoying it also? I must admit I have often been hesitant to do these kind of things in the past as I thought that I would often struggle to answer the questions.

Today’s subject/question is “Five Pet Peeves“. Hm, what was that I was saying about struggling to answer questions?

Hm. how about I just answer, “Sorry, I can’t have 5 pet peeves as I don’t have 5 pets”?

Ok so you aren’t going to let me get away with that one are you?

How about, “Sorry to name 5 pet peeves when I only have one pet would make poor old TJ feel victimized?”

Ok, Ok so I am not going to get away with that one either am I? LOL

But see here’s my problem.  Whilst I am sure there are things that do irritate me the truth is that I try very hard not to let them irritate me as I truly believe that generally speaking when we get upset or irritated by things we see in others or other people doing, it more often than not speaks more about us than it does them.

So I have (as Baldrick would say) a cunning plan!  Here are my five pet peeves about…..


Yep if I am going to be critical of anyone or anything it is going to be me I am critical of and so here are my top 5 pet peeves about me in reverse order of importance.

Coming in as Pet peeve number 5 and the least of the things that irritate me about me:My health.  How much it prevents me from doing the things I love to do.

Coming in as Pet peeve number 4: Losing great chunks of time!  It is something that I have written about before on numerous occasions and something that does concern me.

Coming in as Pet peeve number 3My Memory. That I often go into a room and forget why I went in there.  That I often put the hot water on so I can do up some dishes or take a shower or do laundry and forget the fact that I have put it on and then get huge fuel bills as a result of it.

Coming in as Pet peeve number 2:My Size.  That I am so large that I can’t cut my own toe nails, dry my feet properly, easily put on socks, do the straps up on my sandals or tie shoe laces up.

Coming in as Pet peeve number 1 (fanfare please) and the thing that irritates me the most about me:  My eyesight.  That it is so bad and my fingers so big that I can’t see to read or type messages and things properly on my little mobile phone. Not to mention the headaches that I am getting could well be partly as a result of this.

So there you have them 🙂  My (albeit reluctant) Five Pet Peeves.

And for the record, yes I recognize that some of thee are beyond my control and some of these are within my control and I am trying to work on those. I also freely admit that I am too hard on myself sometimes and hey who knows, perhaps on day I will work on that too 🙂