Well the chest pains and constant  fatigue that i have been experiencing for the past couple of weeks finally got the better of me and so I am back in hospital.

God bless the staff at Wexford General Hospital’s A&E. Laying here having tests has given me a chance to see how much they go through. God bless them.

My ECG didn’t show anything majorly concerning but my blood pressure and temperature are elevated and i have more tests scheduled for a couple of hours time.

But because of my heart condition they won’t let me out of here tonight and want me to see my normal heart consultant in the morning.

Folk from church have been wonderful and are praying and Matthew once again was a God send.

I am fine and am at peace with it all and know that my Lord – who is when all is said and done my true heart consultant and specialist – is with me.

But I might not make my 30 Day Challenge post tomorrow as I am sending this from my phone and the battery is running down. Not to mention that my phone is tiny my fingers huge and my eyesight extremely poor.

But I will try to keep you updated.