Following on in the series of my 30 Day Challenge and today’s subject is ‘my opinion of main stream music‘.

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I guess my first opinion when it comes to ‘main stream music’ is that it could be argued that what constitutes as being ‘main stream’ nowadays is less easily defined than it was only a few years ago.

I am of course no expert in this but it would seem to me that modern music production techniques, technology and the internet have open up avenues where lesser known or more selective or quirky music is now becoming equally accessible.

So whereas, in the days of vinyl, mainly only music with wide appeal was easily accessible we now seem to have less of a ‘main stream’ and far more equally accessible smaller streams.

This of course brings with it several benefits in respect of accessibility, variety, diversity, economics and marketing. But I would also have to suggest that there are potential negatives attached.

I am a firm believer that what we listen to can have a direct or indirect impact on us.

As a father I have been subjected to numerous noises, sounds, beeps, beats, whistles, repetitions, sound-bytes and lyrics – all under the spurious label of “modern music” – over the years.  And I have tell you passive noise bombardment can, in my opinion, be as harmful as passive smoking.

Additionally, as someone who suffers poor mental health I know first hand and only too well how unhealthy some of these noises, not to mention harmful lyrics and messages, can be.  And how they can serious affect your mood and mindset.

As a Christian who suffers from mental illness, I also know how negative, unhealthy and unhelpful, even harmful, concerning and depressing some lyrics and song messages can be.

Likewise it concerns me greatly that some of our young people are listening to music that is potentially detrimental even harmful to them.

And on a similar but not unrelated note (please excuse the pun) it concerns me greatly that they are encouraged to idolize and accept as role models people whose words, attitudes, and actions actually disqualify them from being role models or idolized where it not for the corrupt and topsy turvey world we live in.

As parents we are more and more aware of the need to feed our children healthy food.  But I wonder how many of us are truly aware that it is not just what enters their bodies that can harm them. It is also what enters their minds and their hearts.

My own musical tastes are fairly eclectic but I am, as a result of my mental health, very selective about what I will or won’t listen to.

Likewise, because I am a Christian and believe that there is a spiritual element to all things, I tend to listen mainly to Christian music which has healthy content.

And as a Christian father who does suffer with poor mental health and so is very much aware of the potential impact and effects of music I am also selective about what my children are encouraged to listen to 🙂

So there you have it, my opinion of mainstream music.

I will amend and add graphics when back at home.