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I have, as a result of reading Carla’s and other blogs, been thinking a lot about doing the 30 Day challenge thing.

It looks interesting and I feel that I need a challenge at the moment.  Plus, after any long absence from doing something, finding something which will encourage and assist your getting back into the swing of things, is always a good idea.

So I looked at the 30 Day challenge that Carla has been doing and that I have been enjoying following.  Here are the questions…

1.  Five ways to win your heart.

2.  Something you feel strongly about

3.  A book you love.

4.  Bullet your whole day

5.  Things you want to say to an ex

6.  Your views on mainstream music

7.  Five pet peeves

8.  What you ate today

9.  How important you think education is

10. Put your music player on shuffle and write the first ten songs that play

11. Your family

12. Five guys (or gals) whom you find attractive

13. Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it

14. What you wore today

15. Your Zodiac/horoscope and do you think it fits your personality

16. Something you always think “What if…” about

17. Something that you are proud of

18. A problem that you have had

19. Five items you lust after

20. Your fears

21. How you hope your future will be like

22. Your academics

23. Something that you miss

24. Five words/phrases that make you laugh

25. Something you’re currently worrying about

26. Things you like and dislike about yourself

27. A quote you try to live by

28. Somewhere you’d like to move to or visit

29. Five weird things that you like

30. One thing you’re excited for.

Now I have to be honest here and admit that actually a lot of those questions appear, on first glance, tame to me but who knows, perhaps they will generate something and challenge me in ways that I have not yet anticipated.

Either way I shall be doing this challenge and will be interested in folk’s opinions of my answers. 🙂

Day one starts today and my first post in this challenge will follow this one.  Happy Reading 🙂