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So it would appear that the Time Thief  has been revisiting me.

For those of you who are unaware of who the ‘Time Thief’ is, that is the name I give to the experience of suddenly realizing that whole heaps of time seemed to have slipped away and having no idea where they have gone or what you have been doing during that time.

If you are interested in poetry, I wrote a poem about this way back in October 2011 and you can read or hear (simply visit the link provided and click on the arrow) that poem here. [Apologies for the poor recording, I think I had a cold at the time]

So I woke up this morning and decided that the first thing I wanted to do (after the obligatory coffee in order to make the world slightly acceptable) was do a little ironing.

I had to help arrange for an elderly neighbor of  mine to go into hospital as he wasn’t doing so well on Tuesday and I noticed that he had some recently washed laundry in his washing machine.  Knowing that this would have smelled and gone mouldy by the time he returns, I took it home to dry and iron for him.   But having had poor weather it has taken longer to dry and I was feeling guilty for not having ironed it yet.

Putting the Television on to give me something to watch and listen to whilst ironing I was shocked and stunned to learn that today is actually Friday.

I have absolutely no idea where the week has gone.  Actually what is even more disconcerting is the fact that I have little to no idea what I have done all week or huge chunks of it at least.

I do know that I was busy studying all Monday and then went out to Bible Study in the evening and I do know that on Tuesday a huge part of the day was occupied with helping my neighbor and talking with his family.  I also know that I did manage to blog something on Wednesday and a friend came over late Wednesday evening but outside of those times I have no idea what I have been up to.

This really is most disconcerting as I know that there is so much that I really do want to get done and yet have done so very little of it.  I haven’t even been reading and commenting on other bloggers’ posts as I normally do and that is so very unlike me too.

Additionally I started responding to comments and writing this post over two hours ago and it seems that my mind has developed some sort of run ahead dyslexia this morning whereby I am typing letters all of out of order, even now whilst writing this.

This means that I am spending as much time altering and correcting typing mistakes here and in comments and text and Viber messages as I am writing the actual messages or words themselves.

A quick check on my meds – which are sorted and dated into daily sets for me – in response to just such circumstances tells me I haven’t been taking meds either. Not good.

Time to pray and to try find some order and sense me thinks.

And  on the positive side, which I always try to see, I am at least aware of it and can at least try to compensate for it and of course take my meds today.