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A few days ago I launched the “I’m Worth Loving Too” Challenge and made a commitment to do it myself.

You can read what it’s all about  and what led me to launch it here but here are the guidelines…

Get a pen and paper (or pull up a blank word file on your computer) and compile a lit of songs which remind you how loved you are and/or remind you that you are worth loving.

They should be songs that mean something to you and my advice is to aim for about 10-12 songs.

Once you have written your list or lists set about finding and obtaining those songs.

Once you have them all, burn yourself a CD or set up a playlist on your music player, that you can use any time you are feeling down or lacking in self-worth and need some encouragement.

And how about sharing the fact that you have taken up this challenge on your blog and sharing your list with others.  You can even share why certain songs mean so much to you.  Oh and feel free to link back here so that I can check out your songs too.

So, true to my word here is my list…

1.  The Father’s Song – Matt Redman Version.

My faith is so very important to me and in many ways is what identifies me.  This song is one that I have sung at church many times and one which wells up in my heart.

I could not have a list of music designed to tell me I am worth loving which in itself did not recognize that it is because of Christ and the love of God the Father that makes me worth loving.

2.  Make you feel my love. – Adele version.

This song is one that I dedicated to my kids.  As I said above I am above all else God’s child.  But second to that I am a Dad and my children – big and small – mean so very much to me and in many ways complete me .  This song is my way of showing them how important they are to me and how they will always find hope in my love of and for them.

3. I Can’t Make You Love me. – George Michael version.

This song reminds me that no matter how deserving of love we (or even I) are it doesn’t mean we are going to get that love and we can’t always make someone love us.  I also have a particular empathy with the lyric, “turn down the light, turn down the bed, turn down these voices inside my head.”

4. Child of Darkness – Adrian Snell and Phil Thomson

Many years back (1995) the church I attended at that time put on a production of Adrian Snell’s Alpha and Omega.  It was an honor to be a part of it and this, whilst not being from our actual performance, it is one of the songs that was performed and reminds me of my place in God.

5. Through The Years – Kenny Rogers Version

This next one may seem odd to some but it is STILL special to me and that is what counts.  It was the song that I had played at the end of my speech at my wedding reception and the first song my wife and I danced to together as Husband and Wife.  I understand that it might to some seem very strange, given that my wife and I are no longer together, but no longer being together should never allowed to negate or alter the love that was only the love that is.

6.  Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again. Michael Crawford Version.

Not all songs are obvious or even chosen because they speak about something that was.  Sometimes they are chosen for something that should have been but wasn’t.  This one falls into that category but reminds me of who I really was regardless of the evidence.

7.  Beautiful Boy – Mr. Holland’s Opus Version

This song was dedicated to me by my Moma and as such is so very special to me.  If I am totally honest I am not a great fan of John Lennon but very much appreciated the sentiments of the dedication of this song.

Additionally  I once saw the film Mr. Holland’s Opus which is a delightful film and the song appears it that.  So here are a) that version from the film and b) the Celine Dion version which I much prefer over the Lennon version.


8.  Tristan and Isolde – Prelude.

Music doesn’t have to have lyrics in order to impact the heart and stir the mind.  And whilst I know that liking Wagner is seen by many to be so very wrong I can’t help but love Wagner and this particular piece, blaring out of my speakers with a roaring fire going and the lights off on a dark stormy night just does something special to me  and makes me feel alive and so very embraced.

9.  When Two Worlds Drift Apart – Cliff Richard  version.

Here is a song from my past which always meant something to me.  Again on the face of it this song is about the end of love, but to me it speaks of not looking for blame and not re-writing the history of its happening simply because of it’s passing.

10.  Hello Again.  Neil Diamond version.

The Jazz Singer is such a good film and I love the music in it.  This song is one of the many songs from it that I truly like.

11.  Requiem For A Soldier (Band of Brothers Theme) – Katherine Jenkins.

This song whilst being another strange choice perhaps speaks to me so much of love an how love is truly worth fighting for.

Featured as the theme for ‘Band of Brothers’, this version is by Katherine Jenkins and is beautiful.  I am the son of a Sailor and come from a long line of relatives who served in the wars, some of which lost their lives in those wars.  Additionally I have lost friends who fought in conflicts that world over.  Wars often started as a result of man’s greed and hunger for power.

So this one reminds me of their dedication and love and above all it reminds me that love and peace are so much more precious.

12.  Age To Age – Hillsong United Version.

I started this list recognizing God’s place in my life and the incredible impact that He has had on my life and it seems only fitting to end it with the same recognition.

I have made many mistakes in my life, done many things wrong.  I have been hurt and I have hurt others.  My mental illness and my past tells me I am not worth loving, but His love is bigger than all that.  I am not my own and not who I used to be and thanks to His presence in my life I am worth loving.

So there you have it.  I hope you enjoyed it. 🙂