As regular readers will know I have been fairly absent lately as a result of several factors.  Some good some not so good. 🙂

I had caught some sort of flu which then also became or was joined by a sinus infection and this seriously kicked my butt for me.

Additionally my laptop – which was a gift some years back and which has served me faithfully ever since – finally gave up.

I had thought about providing it with a state funeral but I am a stubborn old so and so and still haven’t quite accepted that it is beyond repair even if it is beyond my own repairing abilities.  So for it is in bubble wrap and put away in a cupboard until technology (or my social networking skills) improve to such an extent that I can get it fixed.  (Hm is that the computer equivalent of cryogenics I wonder?)

My laptop dying meant that blogging and other such things were not possible for me for a while as although I did have a laptop in the bedroom, that one was even older and much slower and I only ever used it for Skype.

But God is so good and my family so very wonderful!  Here we are less than two weeks later I have now have not one but two brand new super laptops  and I am so very blessed by them!

I cannot begin to describe how humbled and touched I am by these two gifts and the love that they represent and I thank Tony and my daughter Nicky and of course God for these wonderful gifts.

Tony who  is also family to me  and who has blessed me by gifting me with both of my previous two laptops heard of the death of my laptop and brought me a new one and Nicky (one of my daughters) was flying in for a visit for a couple of days and brought me a brand new one too!  See why I say I am so very blessed?  Having such wonderful family.  (Although just seeing my daughter and having her here for a couple of days was of course the greatest blessing.)

And the really good news is that being one who believes in sharing the blessings I am passing on the blessings also.  One of the new laptops will be going to my son so that he can use it for college, the laptop that I bought him for Christmas will be being used by his partner (who is also like a daughter to me,) for her to use at college and her old laptop will replace the one I use in my bedroom for those times when I am unwell and unable to get out of bed for a while.

I cannot begin to express just how much joy it brings me that others can benefit from these blessings and I look forward to being able to start blogging and commenting and sharing much more frequently again now 🙂