Hm. Funny Word It Is… Agony

Might seem too common a word to be ‘funny‘ it might.

But bear with me you must.

Often used by athletes and people who are or have suffered some physical hurt it is.

But that usage didn’t really take on until the 1600’s it didn’t.

Originally (circa 1400s) it was used in respect ofmental suffering it was.1

Especially that of Christ in the garden of Gethsemane it was.

From Old Frenchagonie, or agoine meaning anguish, terror,  or death agony it is.

Directly from Late Latin agonia, and the Greekagonia it is.

Both meaning a (mental) struggle for victory, they are.

Originally a struggle for victory in the games, from the word agon it is.

agon meaning assembly for a contest, it is.

But then, have to consider the actual location of any suffering or pain we do.

If you hurt your foot where is it that you actually feel the pain I ask?

In your foot or in your mind I ask?

Agonymental suffering it is.