Well I have been fighting to save it for days now.  Watching it die and then bringing it back to life again, all the time knowing that each resurrection was but temporary and realizing with each one that the length of extra life I was able to afford it was growing less and less each time.

And today the inevitable finally happened, it just wouldn’t start again.

I am of course, as regular readers will know, talking of my laptop.

It was a very much appreciated gift some years back and has since that time become a lifeline in respect of my being able to post, comment, read blogs, and communicate with the outside world.  It served me so very well and I am so very grateful for the gift that it was.

It’s terminal illness and my not so terminal illnesses 🙂 have been the reasons why I haven’t been able to post or comment so much lately and I have to admit I really have missed you all.

I have managed to borrow my son’s partner’s laptop in the mean time whilst I try to arrange something more permanent but of course none of my links etc are on this laptop. I am however extremely grateful to Trish for the kindness that she has shown in lending me her laptop.

Hopefully I will find a more suitable and permanent solution soon and hopefully my health will also improve soon and I will be back able to communicate much more.  But in the mean time you are all in my prayers and my thoughts.