Thought I wouyld share this here also, since my laptop is dying and I am having trouble blogging at the moment,

Christian Concern For Mental Health

Tender moments are so very important aren’t they?  They can reach into the very heart of turmoil and offer; shelter, protection, belonging, affirmation, and comfort.They can reach out to us not only in the communion of present reality but from the storehouse of memories also.

And I truly believe that.  How many times, when we have been in need of comfort or reassuring have we immediately thought back to a happier or special moment from our pasts?

But one thing that we can be sure of in life is that troubles and trials will come to us all and as much as tender moments are important, turmoil – especially for those of us who suffer mental illness – is a constant possibility.

Turmoil does many things doesn’t it?  Brings fear, anxiety, threat, often confusion.  It can rob us of our direction, of our confidence, and reminds us of our vulnerability…

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