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A man walks into his doctor’s office.

“Good morning,” greets the doctor.  “How can I help you today?”

“I think I am suffering from depression or something.”  The man’s tells him.  “I feel low all the time, am on edge, irritable, have a constant sense of impending doom.  I think I need to see a psychiatrist.”

“Oh dear,”  The doctor responds.  “Have you tried being more positive?”

“Do you think that would help?”  the man asks.  “Because if you think it would help I am more than willing to give it a go.”

“I am sure it would.”  The doctor confirms.

“Good,”  replies the man,  “Then, I am POSITIVE I am suffering from depression or something. I am POSITIVE that I feel low all the time, am on edge, irritable, and have a constant sense of impending doom.   Now stop faffing about and refer me to a damn psychiatrist!”

I am not sure if I heard that joke, or a version of it, somewhere or I just made it up but either way it certainly has a ring of familiarity and truth about it doesn’t it?

Of course there is no disputing the power of positive thought but positive thought is not going to fully counter act chemical depression or other such conditions.

So, that being the case, do we simply give up and accept what is happening to us?

Well my answer is a very definite no!  Do I accept that some mental health disorders/conditions are chemical or physiological or run so deep that thinking positively simply isn’t going to address or remove them?  Yes of course I do but I have to believe that even in these situations positive thinking can and will is some way affect how they affect us and what impact they have on our quality of life.

Is that just psycho-babble or the desperate act of someone simply trying to get through? Well maybe that is true but what if it is?  Sometimes desperate acts are all we feel we have left aren’t they?

And here’s the deal.  I never asked for this mental illness and I may not have any control over the fact that I suffer mental illness, but I sure as heck have control over how I respond to it!

Last night was pretty bad and it hasn’t changed much this morning BUT I am not going to let it get me down.  I am so very grateful for all the messages of support and encouragement that I received either here, on Facebook, Skype, Viber or email and I am sorry if I caused undue concern for anyone.

But I promise you I am ok and I will beat this thing!

I still have my faith, I still have my mischievous nature, I still have my sense of humor and I am blessed with a great deal of support.  All of which gives me so much strength and all of which are a very real life-line for me.

So today I am thinking positively and today I am mooning my mental health and saying, “ok you can knock me down, but you will never beat me!”