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If I had to describe my current mental health status using weather terms that would be the description that I would currently use as it is the most fitting that I could think of at this time.

“Overcast with a forecast of inclement weather”

Not a very positive report I know.  But then I like to keep things real and I am acutely aware of my mental health and how it affects me and as I said, I couldn’t think of a more accurately descriptive report.

The thing is that whilst it give some information about what is happening right now and indeed does carry with it some warning of what is likely to come it doesn’t commit to anything too specific.  Does it say tornadoes, hurricanes, whirlwinds, gales, etc?  No.  It just says that what is to come is likely to be stormy, tempestuous and severe.

The thing is that I just don’t know what is to come. I just know how I am at the moment – hence the “overcast” statement and I just know what feeling like this, being like this, normally leads to.

But we all get times like this don’t we?  Times when we feel that there is little to no sunshine in our lives or even on the immediate horizon?  Times when, for no apparent reason we get a sense of impending doom?

I mean surely those things, those feelings, those thought processes, are not unique to those of us who suffer from poor mental health or with mental illness?  No of course they aren’t but here’s the deal.

When you do suffer from poor mental health or from mental illness, and know how that poor mental health or mental illness plays out in your life, those feelings – those thought processes, are usually far more accurate and are usually indicators that all is not right within and trouble is indeed in store.

Sadly, what they don’t often come with is specific indications as to just what kind of inclement mental health weather is to come.

Physically I am run down at the moment and, as the trip to the doctor today has confirmed I have indeed had flu for the past few weeks and on top of that also have a sinus infection.

I am very much aware of this and I am very much aware that this is affecting my overall poor physical health, sleep patterns and general mental health.  LIkewise I am also aware that one of the conditions that I suffer from is paranoid schizophrenia.  Impending doom and paranoia are close relatives in my experience and I also need to bear that in mind.

But I find myself extremely agitated an anxious at the moment and I find myself very much on edge.  I want to sleep and hope the whole thing goes away, but know that sleep avoids me once again.

I want to reason this whole thing out with logic but find myself in that heelish place where I can reason enough to work out things are not right but not so much that I can reason my way beyond that or out of that.  I dislike this particular place of confused and impaired mental agility and in response to that comes the temptation to self-medicate to such a degree where reason is no longer possible. But then isn’t that what the voices want?

My faith of course assures me that I will get through this and yet that same faith and assurance condemns me to go through it and not to give in.