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Yes I have had to give this blog two titles.  Why?  Because sadly they are both accurate.

There is an inherent problem with being long-term mentally or physically ill isn’t there?  That of wanting to fight it – to not give in to the illness, but being wise enough to choose to fight on a particularly bad day.

It is, I have to admit, something I am just sooooooo not good at!

As you will know I have been sick with the flu lately and this has, as it so often does, been kicking my butt.  I have (or perhaps that should be had), in my defense, been fairly sensible about it and have rested up as much as possible.

Doping myself up with cough medicine and also taking to my bed when I felt extremely weak and pretty much staying there.

Yesterday however I decided I was bored with being in bed and so got up and went to sit in the lounge.  Whilst obviously I wasn’t great I did feel fairly ok sitting there watching some television and then got up to make a drink.  Fluids are very important when you are not well.

Next thing I knew I was on the floor.  Not sure if I had stood up too quickly or if I was just not as strong as I thought I was.

Thankfully experience has taught me to always have my mobile phone with me and so I was able to call my son Matthew who was round in minutes and who then helped me up.

Whilst it could be argued I am built for falling (being well-padded) I am certainly not built for getting back up on my own.

Today I am so very sore down one side and I have promised to call the doctor on Monday and make an appointment.  Thankfully also, apart from the flu and other than the soreness down one side – plus the fact that I broke my glasses in the fall – I am ok.

And yes today I am resting up and sadly tomorrow I won’t be able to make church. But I am so grateful for having a son who is quick to respond to me needs and the fact that I didn’t do too much damage (other than to my glasses).

So yes listening to your body is so very important isn’t it?  And yes I can be accused of preaching what I don’t practice.  But I think maybe I will try practicing that particular lesson more from now on.