Unfortunately, as a result of a combination of being unwell and hectically busy, I am a little late with this.  But I wrote this poem when 9/11 happened and wanted to repost it here in support of all those who lost loved ones at that time and in remembrance of those who were lost.


Deep From Within

They stood tall and proud.
These two giants of man.
Silent and concrete,
they stood hand in hand.

Not a word did they speak.
But their message was clear.
Freedom is ours.
And Freedom is here.

On America’s land.
The home of the Free.
They invited the world.
to trade in full liberty.

But then came the attacks.
Through everyday planes.
That you changed into missiles.
And that spewed out their flames.

Everyday sights.
That we see everyday.
Changed America’s big apple.
From vibrant to grey.

And the giants they fell.
Straight down out of the sky.
And the dust that rose up.
Made America cry.

And the lives that were lost.
In these two giant’s fall.
Were the passion that caused.
All the Free-World to call.

To call out for an end.
To all hatreds and pains.
And the cowardly moves.
Held in terrorist games.

No more should man…

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