Hm. Funny Word It Is… ‘Tyrotoxism

Means ‘poisoning with cheese or milk products‘ it does.

From the Greek ‘Tyros‘ meaning ‘Cheese‘ and ‘Toxikon‘ meaning ‘poison‘.

Loves cheese I do.

Can’t imagine poisoning anyone with cheese I can’t.

Unless it’s a mouse of course.  But even then I wouldn’t do it.  Too much of a softy I am.

When my last house was over run with field mice I had to get mouse traps but bought the humane kind. And even then I put little signs next to them warning the mice not to enter.  Just to give them a fighting chance you understand.

No I am not daft.  I know’s mice probably can’t read.

So I put a warning pictures on the sign as well I did 🙂

Sadly that is a true story.