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… You See The Heart Of The Creator.

I truly believe that be true.

Perhaps it is because I am a Christian or perhaps it is because I live in such a wonderfully beautiful country.  But either way I can honestly tell you this, I have looked at and witnessed many a hell but not one of them can be as staggeringly impressive as the heaven made by the creator of the landscape I have witnessed this week and share with you now.

The place is called the Mahon Falls and we went there a couple of days ago.
It is part of the Comeragh Mountains, in County Waterford and I so very much love this place.
And we were blessed that on the day we went the local search and rescue helicopter was out doing drills and I managed to catch it in a couple of shots.
It was so impressive and indeed was totally appropriate in it’s purpose and yet somehow it was so out of place next to such natural landscape.
The whole area is a place of natural beauty not man-made construct.

And the drive up to it was often nearly as breath-taking as the views once you have arrived.
Winding open roads gave way to pretty tunnels through over-hanging tree branches and hedgerows.  Nature’s Cathedrals we call them.

Old dry stone walls (those constructed without mortar or cement) line the routes.
And nature provides an honor guard welcoming us ever closer.
Up ahead the mountains wait, not so much for our arrival but in simple testimony to their creator.

Truly magnificent are the only words I have to describe the views.

And local wildlife roam free and seemingly without a care.

And as you draw close to the destination, the falls themselves (seen here in the centre of the above pic) offer a peace and tranquility to welcome you.
Pulling the car over to a standstill we simply sat and looked all around us.
Unspoiled by commerce, industry, urban culture or ways.  Unspoiled, if you will, by man.
And that same wildlife looks on at you as if to say, “Here you are the trespassers.”
Miles and miles of raw nature lays at peace with itself and it’s creator.
And as we made our way through this wonderful place I could not but help ask myself how many of us can make the same claim?  To be at peace with our creator?
In this setting the mental illness and turmoil inside my head seemed as out-of-place as a beak on donkey.
Here creation found both a natural order and a predestined presence.
I am not, by personality, taken to the great outdoors as a rule, I like my comfortable living.  But the solitude and tranquility this place offered made wonderful companions I must admit.

So much of what I share in this blog is about turmoil and hardship and the battle that I, like so many of us, face with our mental health and there is without doubt a place and a need for that.

But here in this place my spirit groaned and reached out to our heavenly Father – the creator of all that was laid out before me and which I now share through the photos that I took that day.  (Try clicking on one and seeing all its beauty in the enlargement that should come up.  And then click back and check out the next one.)
As my awareness of the ever-present turmoil that my mental health presents to me gave way to the recognition of my spirit groaning to be heard. The words of Romans 8:22 came to my mind…

We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time.” (Romans 8:22 NIV)

How long have those mountains, that terrain, those rocks been groaning in testimony to their creator, to our creator?  And as the search and rescue helicopter carried out yet another sweep across the horizon before me it’s smallness reminded me that even in the magnitude of our achievements we could never be anything more than children playing in the garden of our God and our Father.