Hm. Funny word it is… ‘boustrophedon’

A fun word to play with, it can be.

Boustrophedonically‘ amuses me it does.

Literally means ‘writing that is written in a back and forth manner‘ it does.

From 1783, it is.

An ancient form of writing with lines alternately written left-to-right and then right-to-left, it is.

From the Greek, literally meaning. ‘turning as an ox in plowing,’  it is.

From ‘bous‘ meaning ‘ox‘ it is and ‘strephein‘ meaning ‘to turn‘.

So literally ‘back and forth‘ it is.

Some mental health can be like that it can.

Next time my psychiatrist asks me how my mental health is, answer, “Boustrophedonic” I will 🙂