Ok so the title of this post is not my own.  I got a ‘tough love’ letter from one of my children yesterday which suggested that the title of my next post should be

“The Graveyard Is Full of Dead Heroes” and pointing out that I am once again doing too much and not looking after myself properly.

My first response was to be really cheeky in response to the comment, “The Graveyard is Full of Dead Heroes” and write back pointing out that a graveyard did seem to me at least to be a perfectly acceptable place to keep dead heroes hehehe.  But I thought better of it.

And besides, she ( Nicky one of my daughters) is perfectly right in what she was saying.  So I resisted my natural tendency to be impish in my response [that does not mean I can’t create a suitable graphic however]…

But in all seriousness Nicky’s main observation and complaint was completely correct and understandable and was that despite my having had numerous comments suggesting that I look after myself instead of uploading and posting a load of posts and pictures.

So I thought I would make and upload a graphic and do a post  in response to that 🙂

But all joking aside, today I am going to be all sensible and responsible about my mental and physical health and to take the advice and caring that is being offered to me and have a day of rest.

The truth is that there is I think in so many of us who suffer from poor physical and mental health a desire not to be beaten by it and to have as ‘normal’ (if such a thing even exists) a life as possible.

It is equally true, in my opinion, that whist this is natural and in many ways commendable the fact is that human beings do have a propensity to over-compensate and so instead of just fighting our illnesses we do sometimes overdo things and certainly I am one for doing that.

But today I am going to be good.  I appreciate you all so very much and I really do appreciate the love and support and caring that is always shown to me.  I still have a heap of really nice pics to share with you all but they can wait until another day 🙂