Hm. Funny word it is… ‘mulligrubs

Not often heard today it isn’t.

Nor is it’s more fanciful formation of the ‘mulliegrums.

Sounds like some sort of insects it does, ‘mulligrubs‘.

But actually means ‘to have a fit of the blues‘ or ‘to be of low spirits‘ it does.

Or ‘to be depressed‘ it is.

But not to be confused with depression as a longer term condition it isn’t,

What is wrong with you today?” he asks.

Oh I don’t know.” she answers, “I just have a bit of the ‘mulligrubs‘ I guess.

Also used in respect of ‘colic‘ it was.

But like the word ‘mulligrub‘ for depression I do.

Like the idea of changing the diagnosis of Manic Depression to ‘Manic Mulligrubia‘ I do 🙂