It all started the other day!  My blogging buddy Summer Moon over at ‘My Bipolar Bubble‘ very kindly gave me a Seven More Things award.  Summer published this on a page on which she also awarded a “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award”.

In accepting my award and thanking Summer for it I jokingly commented how I had at first thought that I was being awarded a Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award and had therefore been made a sister – or at very least an honorary sister lol.

On realizing that I was not being made an honorary sister I was of course greatly saddened and immediately closed the ‘Jimmy Choo’ shoes website I had been visiting in order to celebrate the award LOL.

Well it seems that my blogging buddy Cate from over at Infinite Sadness of Hope? saw my sadness and took pity on my plight and has therefore responded by making me an Honorary Sister! Yay!  Go Cate!  I am of course very grateful.

Now of course this is just a bit of fun between bloggers, and I know that Cate, much like myself, would never willingly seek to cause offense to anyone through her making an honorary award of this nature.

But all joking aside, I am in truth, extremely grateful for this award.  Of course I openly recognize the beauty and value of having a “Sisterhood” of World bloggers and additionally I take on board what Cate has said about there being a need for a “Brotherhood” of World Bloggers Award.

But as someone who is passionate about our supporting and encouraging one another and as man who empathises with so many female bloggers as a result of the mental health challenges that we each face, I am truly honoured to receive this award.