Yesterday, as my previous post attested, I was awarded an “honorary” Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award by my blogging buddy Cate over at Infinite Sadness or Hope?

As you can read in that post  it came about as the result of a bit of fun really but more importantly it gave rise Cate asking the question, “Shouldn’t there also be a ‘Brotherhood of World Bloggers Award’?

Well not being one to miss the chance to take up a challenge I have today created such an award!

So I am today therefore not only announcing the creation of the all new “Brotherhood of World Bloggers Award” but also awarding the first recipients of this award.

This award can be awarded by any male blogger to any other male blogger and for the purpose of…

Recognizing and acknowledging the efforts, courage and dedication of that male blogger.

Encouraging and/or enhancing a sense of ‘brotherhood’ and mutual support within the male blogging community.

Encouraging and inspiring men to take up or continue blogging as both a past time and a way of sharing the thoughts and challenge they face in their everyday lives.

On accepting the award, recipients are asked too…

  1. Thank the blogger who awarded them with the award.
  2. Link back to that bloggers blog post in which the award was given.
  3. State what receiving the award means to them.
  4. Say why they starting and/or continue blogging.
  5. Make a statement as to why they feel men blogging is important.

Please note that: No expectation to immediately pass on this award to other male bloggers is placed on recipients of this award.  The choice to award this award to other male bloggers can be made at anytime and by any male blogger.

So the guidelines having been set now to the recipients of the first of these awards.

The “Brotherhood of World Bloggers Award” goes to the following blogs/bloggers…

Finding Health

James Claims


The Bipolar Place

The Depressed Moose

The Journal of A Mad Man

So there you have it!  The first recipients of this award and it is my fervent hope and prayer that many other men will catch on to the benefits of blogging in the future and that many other men will subsequently receive this award.

But what about our sisters?  Those women who blog so tirelessly and who encourage us men?  Well I personally would like to recognize them too and so in line with the way that this award came about I have also created a similar award that we guys can award to those ‘sisters’ who support and encourage us in our blogging.

A Brotherhood of World Bloggers Award ‘Honorary Status’ can be awarded by any male blogger who simply wants to show his appreciation to those blogging sisters whose support and encouragement they have very much appreciated.

Over the next few weeks I shall no doubt be awarding a number of these but to start I would like to award it to the following three people whose support and encouragement has blessed me greatly.

Cate from over at ‘Infinite Sadness or Hope?

Kathy from ‘bipolar and breastless

Carla from ‘Seasons Change, and So Have I

As recipients of ‘Honorary Status’ all that is asked that of them is they simply accept this award and link back to it in their post about it and that they know just how special and valued they are.

So there you have it (or rather them) two new special awards.  No nomination processes just good old, you are valued and here is an award to prove it.