Well as many of you know I have an old family friend stopping with me at the moment. He comes over to me here in Ireland every year with a view to enjoying himself and getting me out of the house.

The ‘Prior Commitment’ obviously reduces the amount of time I am able to stay online and thus I am not able to visit and read as many blogs as usual nor indeed to blog as much as usual and for both of these I am very sorry. But I do promise to try to catch up when I am alone again in a week or so’s time.

Today we went out for a drive and ended up in a spot we had visited in a previous year and which I had very much enjoyed.

I had taken along my camera and thought I would share some pics with you.

It was at Kells Priory in County Kilkenny, here in Ireland where I now live.

Kells Priory (above) is and Augustine  Priory situated in County Kilkenny (one or two counties over from were I live) and is a national monument here in Ireland.  Founded in 1193 it has many striking features including 7 ‘Tower Houses’ (castle like towers) situated on its perimeter wall which gives the Priory a Castle-like appearance and which gave rise to it locally being called ‘Seven Castles’ at one point.

Here are a selection of shots I took whilst just walking around it.

Sheep graze freely around the grounds. (above)

Above – Snap showing one or two of the Tower Houses I mentioned above.

I took this pic (above) because it demonstrates the medieval architecture and because I liked the feel of the rear wall  and one of those Tower Houses showing through the frame set by the front gate.

This pic (above) was taken from the front gate and shows what was once the main residential and monastic area.

(Above) Also taken from the front gate this shot gives you an idea of the size of the place.  The white dots are sheep which are also allowed to graze within the main grazing area inside the perimeter walls.

Another view (above) from the same location which also demonstrates the size of the place – plus I just liked the composition of this pic.

This view (above) shows one of the internal Tower Houses and an internal gateway into the residential and monastic area.

(Above) The internal residential and monastic area which is undergoing some repairs.  (Man they have a lot of repairing to do if they ever want to rent it out!)

Well unless they want to rent it out to a film company and incidentally it was featured in the film Barry Lyndon.

(Above) Another view of the Residential and Monastic area – complete with compulsory tourist. 🙂

(Above) As we were hiking back to the car and passing this ‘arrow loops’ or ‘castle loopholes’ (the thin slots cut into castle/fortified walls through which arrows can be shot, this scene caught my eye and so I took a shot of it.

(Above) And then at the top of an incline on the way back to the car this small clearing at the base of an old dwarf tree caught my eye and if you look closely you can see the way the roots and branches weave and intertwine around each other.  Hey, what can I tell you?  I am an artist things like this appeal to me 🙂

One we had hiked back to the car we went off to get some refreshment in a small nearby village and came across this quaint little water pump. (Below)And also this Horse Trough (below) which is now turned into a flower bed and which for British readers with an interest in horse racing celebrates the famous horses of KellsIncluding the famous bay gelding Thoroughbred Racehorse ‘Red Rum’ (below) who won the British Grand National an unmatched 3 times – 1973, 1974 & 1977.

After this we took a slow drive home as I was totally exhausted!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.