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Ready for a bit of fun?

How are your reasoning powers?  Your ability to take a puzzle and see the answer without getting bogged down or ‘bejuggled’ by all the details?

Cate from over at Infinite Sadness… or what? and I have recently been discussing how living with depression is sometimes referred to as ‘living with a black dog’. (Which I personally think very unfair to black dogs.

Recently I have been going through a depressive crash and have paralleled it to walking in thick woods – you can find my piece on that here – ‘Dark Thoughts and Dealing With Them

Why am I telling you all this? Well because these two things put me in mind of a puzzle and I thought I would share it with you…

A farm house sits on a plot of land which is 200 meters square and surrounded by a wall.

Actually the farmhouse is 10 meters from the back wall and some 150 meters from the front wall and gate.

Tied to the farmhouse by a piece of rope some 300 meters in length is a black dog.

At the front of the land there is a 10 meter wide river over which there is a small bridge.

Across the bridge and only 1 meter away from the bridge is a wooded area come forest which is 200 meters square.

If the dog does not break free from the rope and there are no obstacle in its way, how far into the wood can the dog go?

(Please note that the above picture whilst pretty much to scale is not exactly to scale and is only a guide)

That is your challenge!  Is it as complicated or as simple as it may at first seem?  Is it indeed a trick question?  Well you will just have to work that out for yourself (but then isn’t that all part of the fun?)  Is this some random quiz that I suddenly vaguely  remembered and have decided to throw out there?

Well we will see.  But I really would appreciate your thinking through the puzzle and trying to come up with an answer.  🙂