Hm. Funny Word It Is… ‘Bejuggle

Means to ‘bewilder‘ and ‘confuse‘ with gibberish and falseness it does.

Very rare it is.

Lesser known it is.

Come from a time when jugglers did more than just throw things in the air and catch them it does.

From a time when jugglers were more like court jesters it is.

A time when jugglers told stories, anecdotes, amusing quips it does.

Laertes said,”How came he dead? I’ll not be juggled with:” he did.

In Shakespeare’s Hamlet scene 5 he did.

Meaning: I’ll not be confused, toyed with, set off of my path it does.

He wouldn’t allow himself to be ‘bejuggled‘ he wouldn’t.

The author of this blog often ‘bejuggles‘ his parents he does.

It’s how he keeps gets away with so much it is 🙂