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Hi all,

Firstly and before anything else I would like to say how very touched and grateful I am by all of the comments of support and reblogging that has been offered in response to this campaign. I can’t begin to express you how grateful I am for this and how much it means to me.

As a result of such response I have been reflecting on the campaign and really feel that this is something that the Mental Health Writers Guild should be hosting as opposed to it being something which comes from this my personal blog.

Because of this I have today created a page on the MEntal Health Writers Guild blog and I hope therefore that in this way we can generate more support and touch more lives.

You can find that page here and I have also created an honour roll on that page for those who support this campaign as I feel that support needs to be acknowledged.

Again, many, many thanks to everyone who has gotten behind this campaign! You are just awesome.