Choose to reach out and touch the surface of one isolated puddle and you will see the ripples spread out across that puddle. But what if instead of just one isolated puddle it was part of a sea of interconnected puddles?

Type ‘mental illness’ or ‘poor mental health’ or ‘bipolar disorder’ or ‘depression’ or ‘schizophrenia’ or ‘PTSD’ or any one of the numerous mental health related conditions into your search engine and you will see a sea of blogs and sites appear all dealing with those conditions.

But what you won’t see, unless you look a little deeper or have some personal experience, is that so many of the folk writing those blogs, creating those sites, all feel that isolation in one form or another.

The “Just One Touch” Campaign 2012 seeks to speak into that isolation and to combat it as best it can. For ‘Just One Touch’ is all it takes to make a connection and in connection isolation finds no place.


Get Involved…

Make a commitment to reach out with Just One Touch each and every day and to allow others to reach out with Just One touch to you.

Touch Emotionally…

Offer support, kindness, encouragement, empathy, understanding to at least one person who writes about mental health and mental illness.  Let them know how much their words mean, that their voice is heard, that their views have a value.  Hear others who do the same for you and allow yourself to be acknowledged, held or hugged in this way.

Touch Mentally…

Listen to what is being shared, contemplate the experiences and thought processes behind them.  Explore them, challenge them, agree with them, or echo them according to your own understandings and perceptions.  Doing so with respect and objectivity and allow others to do the same for you.

Touch Physically…

If you physically know someone who struggles with mental health and you are able, respectfully, sensitively, and appropriately touch them; a hug, a hand shake, a touch on the shoulder or the arm which say, you are worth affection and affection can be safe.

Give yourself the permission to be safely and appropriately touched, hugged, embraced knowing that you are worth it and do deserve it.

Touch Spiritually…

Pray for them or with them, share with them, encourage and inspire them.  Whatever belief system or faith system you follow rech out in your own way and allow others to reach out to you in their way.

Who knows perhaps that Just One Touch which you make or allow will create ripples that changes lives.

“Just One Touch” campaign 2012 recognizes the isolation that is all too often a part of mental illness or poor mental health and seeks to bring about connections which offer that isolation no place to rest.

If you are will to participate in this campaign, then simply make the above commitment, post about the campaign on your personal blog/site and display the ‘Just One Touch’ Campaign 2012 logo on your blog or website with pride.