In a world where ‘net profit’ is such an important factor for so many folk, it seemed only fitting that I use that expression in this title and not least of all because, as you will see, it is extremely appropriate to this post.

We talk about so many things as mental health blogger  don’t we?  And certainly we all have certain aspects or topics within mental health related issues which we are perhaps more passionate about.

My main passions in respect of mental health and mental illness are (in no particular order)..

Increasing awareness.

Removing the stigma.

Encouraging empathy

Encouraging support and comradery.

But I also have other things in respect of mental health and mental illness that I am just as passionate about  these include, taking control, advocacy, self-esteem, and environmental management.

Environmental management.  It may seem to be a strange inclusion within that list but I really do believe it to be so very important to our mental health. So much so in fact that I wrote about it in my Managing The Madness series.

Our environments can have such an impact on us and in fact can have that impact in the most subtle and protracted harmful of ways.

For me personally things like; having a tidy house/home, things being in their right place, peace, calmness, an atmosphere of mutual respect, are all essential to my mental health.

But there are other considerations here.  I am in person, as many of you may already have picked up on and despite my being so very public and open on here,  a very private person.  I isolate and I love solitude,  If affords me that ‘tidy house/home, the ability to have and keep things in their right place, that peace and calmness so vitally important to me.

In the past, one of the ways in which I have obtained this is my shutting the world out unless I choose to go outside.  Visitors are welcomed but not encouraged, invitations to ‘come a calling’ are given few and far between and generally only to folk who hold a special and  trusted place in my heart.

Additionally I have ten windows in my house and of those 10 windows, 2 are bathrooms and thus have frosted glass and 7 have curtains or blinds that are inevitably lowered or drawn closed.  The one window which blind is invariable open is the window in my study and this is my way of letting the neighbors know that I am ok as they can generally see me sitting at my desk.

But of course this makes the house so very dark or in artificial light and I have long since been encouraged, cajoled or nagged by friends and family to change this.

Well today I have done that very thing!  I have been planning to do so for a few days now nd in fact came up with a compromise.  I went online and ordered net curtaining (understand the net reference now?) for every main window in my house and their having arrived yesterday my son and his partner very kindly came round this afternoon and we put them up.

So this evening all of my windows have net curtains on them and all of my blinds are now up.

It is a brand new thing for me and will no doubt take some getting used to but I am hopeful that this will profit me (net profit – get it?) and will also aid my being more open and accessible in real life.


And yes these pictures (taken from the Home Direct website here in Ireland where I ordered them from) are the very ones that I chose and that are now hanging in all my windows.

Perty ain’t they 🙂